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Current design of

Current design of

The MacEwan Communications team writes amazing stories about the university, the faculty that make it a great place to learn, and the students who make the school the unique community that it is. It was about time the news page got a fresh new look and some new features that would help the user browse through the variety of stories. 

Currently the news page is simple, plain and poorly organized. It is missing the elements of a newsfeed that are meant to engage a user and to provide helpful information about the stories within the feed. 


Redesign process

The main goal for redesign the site was to make the main news page a hub for all news and notices at MacEwan University. I wanted to design a news segment that allows the user to see at a glance the news categories and navigate to pages for each category. This new page design will provide platforms for various kinds of news, from portraits to long form stories, highlighting the vibrancy of the campus.

The work for this redesign was down in collaboration with the communications team, the web services team and myself. Currently the project is under development and will be made live shortly. Below is a video walkthrough of the site as it exists in the development environment as well as a static mockup of the site in development.