The Ground Floor

I sit on the board of the Graphic Designers of Canada, Northern Alberta Chapter — otherwise known as the GDC — as the Membership Chair. We plan lots of fun events and conferences, one that is particularly close to my heart is the Ground Floor, an educational seminar I am planning with fellow board member Bryan Kulba. It is mainly Bryan's vision and creation. When he asked me if I wanted to help him organize a day long seminar for fresh-faced graduates to guide them along their way into the wild and fierce world of graphic design, I said "HECK YES". What a grand idea, what a valuable experience!

You can read all about the seminar here. I was the lady that designed the logo and brand elements, Bryan was the web wizard who built the site! It has been a fun project to work on, if not a great learning experience to go through all the steps with Bryan and see how an idea like this can start as an initial vision and then morph into a reality, a reality that lots of cool folks are getting involved in. 

Hopefully the seminar is a success, filled with bright faces ready to absorb the words of wisdom from industry experts.