MacEwan Icon Library

A set of custom illustrated icons for use in web and print. Icons are used to create continuity throughout the website as well as to promote the MacEwan brand in digital marketing campaigns and on social media platforms.



Icon + text

Icons are used across the MacEwan site to highlight key messages on a page. Some examples include promoting student events such as music performances or theatre productions. The strategy behind each "icon+text" content block was to provide progressive disclosure towards information that is found in the site's segment, usually added to the bottom of a page that relates to the content being linked to. For example, the link to financial advisors is found on the page about tuition and fees.

Student Primer Series

Icons were incorporated within a series written by the communications team that offered advice and support to students, the Student Primer Series. The stories were promoted on MacEwan's home page and through social media platforms, graphics were designed using the icon style.

To view a recent Student Primer story, please read the latest article Surviving group work.